IMG_4144My name is Kim Beer, i was born in the Netherlands in 1988.
I am a independent working personal sport coach, marketeer, events organizer and recruiter.

During my younger years i practiced many sports then i took a sportacademy and i archieved qualifications for fitness, outdoor recreation and organization of events. During my study i worked in the horeca and fitness centers. I also started my first venture on a party concept what became an entertainment agency with multiple party concepts and a database. 6 years later it was time for new challengenges:
Building an organization in multi level marketing and writing a business plan for Powerful Body, this was previously only a name for independent giving lessons, now a small company with ambition to be a large company.


It is my vision to help as many people as possible


I like to learn new things, every day. In 2015 i started keeping my skills in an overview. You can also do this with your own "perfect combination", good luck with making yourself an expert in the things you love and like to do.

0-25% Beginner, 25-50% Advanced, 50-75% Pro, 75-100% Expert