Powerful Body consists of workouts, tips and personal coaching, made possible by Kim Bear. Sinds the
beginning of 2016 there are also training sessions on Powerful Body TV so you can work out from home.

Step 1, Start your day with good food & drinks

TIPS from Kim Beer. * Right after getting up i drink a glass of water. I have drunk 1 liter of water when the first 4 hours of my day are over. The rest of the day lasts longer which makes me less well need to look out for if i can get enough water inside. I finish neatly between 2 and 2.5 litres. * The basis of my weekly shopping consists of > oranges, lemons, cucumber, celery, avocado, mint, coconut oil, red beets, chickpeas and spinach.



has medicinal properties, is good for the intestines, stomach, lungs and airways?!


lowers high blood pressure, cancer and counteracts that celery is moisture drifting apart?!

Red beets & Spinach

has a positive effect on endurance, this fertilizer increases performance during work and sport?!

Avocado & Cucumber

reduces the risk of heart and vascular disease?!

Coconut oil

protects you from kidney stones, is good for bones, teeth, thyroid and your liver?!

Step 2,
Warming up

A warming up before you start working or exercise is highly recommended displays the body some lighter incentives before the heavier movements take place. A way of warming up is stretching. On the right you will find a number of stretching exercises. Make and keep your body smoothly and stay nimble.

A minimum of 10 seconds per exercise.

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